To increase COVID-19 testing rates in the Latino community as well as knowledge and comfort level around testing, the Young Latino Professionals of Wichita will partner with Guadalupe Clinic to create incentives for Latino community members to get tested.

“The Young Latino Professionals of Wichita are driven to make their community a better place. As young people with a sense of responsibility to the less fortunate, the future of Wichita is bright.”

– Lalo Munoz, Facilitator

More Community Action Plans

Here’s what else is new in grassroots efforts to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Kansas.

  • NCK-Tech Student Senate: Create quarantine kits with basic needs, campus resources and necessary paperwork needed to return to class for students in Beloit who are currently in quarantine.
  • Ellis County 4-H Ambassadors: Host a youth movie night on Zoom and distribute participants with thank you cards to write handwritten notes to their local healthcare workers.
  • Wichita Coffee Community: To ease the financial hardship for staff and customers, the Wichita Coffee Community will create a Pay it Forward campaign.
  • Be Able Community Center: Provide laptops and cell phones at the community center for community members who don’t have Internet access to get COVID resources.
  • Vision Caldwell: Create and deliver door hangers and yard signs to increase awareness.
  • Women in Tech: Implement a Zoom social hour for Wichita work colleagues with topics like trivia, hobbies or affinities to foster social connection and combat mental health concerns and the feeling of isolation.
  • Kansas Nonprofit Chamber & Oldtown Rotary Wichita: Develop a social campaign and print flyers to boost awareness and confidence in the vaccine when it becomes available.

By the Numbers

Action Plans Created: 52
Action Plans Pending: 281

Kansas Beats the Virus is a partnership between the Kansas Leadership Center and the State of Kansas to activate KLC’s statewide network to generate local solutions that slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal of the effort is to spark hundreds of group meetings before the end of 2020.

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