Kevin Bomhoff | Custom Program Chair

Kevin Bomhoff is a start-up guy.

Whether launching programs for the Kansas Leadership Center, building a successful university-based consulting and training center, developing strategies to support people isolated by mental illnesses and poverty, or implementing newly legislated systems reform, Kevin loves the energy at the ground floor of a new venture.

Working with a start-up or a start-over, Kevin focuses on engagement. For him, everything boils down to sharing the right information, with the right people, in an energizing, collaborative process.

A founding member of KLC’s core teaching team, Kevin currently serves as chair for custom programs creating and delivering leadership development for businesses and organizations in Kansas and around the world. Kevin also co-chairs KLC’s Teach Leadership Intensive and teaches in Lead for Change.

Kevin’s background includes training and coaching with businesses, implementing mental health and developmental disabilities reform; strategic planning with nonprofits, governments, coalitions, and hospitals; and providing technical assistance to communities developing healthy living policies and practices.

He is a Licensed Master’s Social Worker, Kansas Health Foundation Fellow, International Coaching Federation Certified Coach, and Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Certified Interpreter. He completed the Art and Practice of Leadership Development at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and Executive Transition Training and Mentorship with TransitionsGuides-Raffa, PC. The National Compeer volunteer program recognized Kevin for meritorious leadership. He has received the National Mental Health Association Care and Treatment Award, The University of Kansas Mental Health Leadership Award, and the Kansas Exemplary Leadership Award from the Mental Health Consumer Advisory Council.

Not surprisingly, Kevin’s start-up spirit extends beyond his corporate and community work, inspiring adventure-packed weekends of gravel and road cycling, and vacations for mountain climbing and snowboarding. Nonetheless, his greatest joy is in the quiet rewards of life as husband, father to two successfully launched kids and their spouses, and “Pops” to his grandson Jamie.