Climate + Energy Project and Jayhawk Council Pack 10 Cub Scouts

Children regressing due to inactivity and lack of resources, materials, and human interaction from being out of school; and serving the community in a safe manner.

Their goal is to help community members of all ages be more receptive & open-minded to hear public health messages from Cub Scouts.

Action Plan:
Develop and share a public service message/announcement utilizing existing Scout Laws & Oaths but adding a positive public health message.

Scouts are also well known for providing service to a community and will require the involvement of BSA Council, Den Leaders, Cub Scouts, and Scout Parents. It is anticipated that tools for recording & editing of public service announcement, assistance in making the recorded message reach a broader audience, printing materials, postage, supplies to make small care/wellness packages (including masks), supplies to help keep the operation safe.. will be needed to successfully complete the project. Josh Hailey, Cubmaster, will be responsible for ensuring that the process moves forward.

It is projected that the effort will start on Dec 2, 2020, with the first step to have Cub Scouts begin development of the messaging, contact senior centers in low resource communities that the Scouts have relationships with (inquiring about COVID procedures to receive items), getting an idea of the number of community members the Scouts have previously served and writing down the supplies needed.

“There were several great ideas that came out of our meeting. Scout Leaders have lots of knowledge and experience serving the community. One of the areas highlighted was the need for mental health support due to the lack of support services children & families usually receive from Schools. Acknowledging that remote learning camps/Daycares, have really provided support to essential workers and community members unable to work remotely. What are they doing to help support the community and what do they need to continue to remain open,” facilitator Leilani Grey said.

Climate + Energy Project Meeting with Jayhawk Council Pack 10 Cub Scouts will commence as a part of Kansas Beats the Virus, a partnership between the Kansas Leadership Center and the state of Kansas to activate KLC’s statewide network to generate local solutions that slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal of the effort is to spark more than 1,000 small group meetings before the end of 2020. The meeting convened by Joshua is meeting No. 4.

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