Leadership in Public Service


The Kansas Leadership Center (KLC) encourages more Kansans to exercise leadership for positive community change by taking an active part in civic life. While anyone can lead at any time, individuals serving in state or county government, city councils, education boards and other community advisory boards have a special opportunity to mobilize others and make a greater impact for the greater good of the communities we share.

Leadership in Public Service

To maximize their ability to influence the civic landscape for the common good, we believe it is critical for civic officials across the state to work together and support one another, share leadership learnings and best practices.

That’s why we started Leadership in Public Service to support elected and appointed officials in Kansas. Join us for an upcoming virtual discussion – these events provide a container for you to share success stories, inspire others and learn from each other.

Adrion Roberson

Leadership skill meets public service

Kim Gronniger wrote in our civic leadership magazine, The Journal, that many KLC alumni across party lines serve in state government. We have a list of hundreds of KLC alumni serving in elected and appointed roles.

Leadership in Public Service Event Recap

Upcoming Discussions for Elected and Appointed Officials

march, 2022

Are you an elected or appointed official?

Please list any current elected position in public office or service appointments made by a government official on the local, state or national level. Examples of the latter include service on community advisory boards, city councils, school boards, special task forces, county commissions, etc.

Adding your name to this list is more than just a way to celebrate and support your public service; you provide role models for your community and your example encourage others to step up and serve. This list will receive special invites to events focused on public service and help KLC find ways to best support these roles.

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