The Untapped Potential To Solve Our Most Important Challenges

Leadership is not about position, or authority. It’s not about big speeches or grand visions.

Leadership is engaging others to solve daunting challenges. These challenges appear in our professional lives, our communities, our families. And they can seem unsolvable, beyond our ability to see what should be done or outside our capacity to make the changes needed.

They are not intractable, if we choose to engage differently.

This happens when you begin to embrace leadership as an activity—small actions taken in moments of opportunity. As you start to look around, you can begin to recognize these moments and grasp the opportunities they offer. Most importantly, you can help others see and seize those opportunities too.

Boldly reimagining leadership as open to everyone, authors Ed O’Malley and Julia Fabris McBride of the Kansas Leadership Center argue not only that everyone can lead, but that the true power to solve our most important challenges is unleashed When Everyone Leads.