Ed O’Malley | President & CEO

Ed O’Malley is the founding President and Chief Executive Officer of the Kansas Leadership Center. Formed in 2007, the center works with thousands of individuals each year in extensive leadership development trainings. Education institutions, non-profit organizations, local governments, faith communities and companies utilize the Kansas Leadership Center to make progress on key opportunities and daunting challenges.

Ed champions an innovative business model and entrepreneurial spirit fueling KLC’s mission. Building off the incredible investment in KLC by the Kansas Health Foundation, KLC partners with companies, governments and organizations throughout the United States and abroad, spreading KLC’s leadership framework and funding its expanded reach and impact in Kansas.

Ed is a sought-after speaker and consultant. He often works with the senior team of key KLC partners, helping them apply the KLC framework throughout their organization or company.

He is heavily involved in the civic life of Kansas, his community and key national efforts to enhance civic engagement in the United States.

Prior to forming KLC, Ed served two terms in the Kansas legislature and was also an aide to Kansas Governor Bill Graves. Ed is the co-author of three books related to the work and mission of the KLC: For the Common Good: Redefining Civic LeadershipYour Leadership Edge: Lead Anytime, Anywhere and What’s Right With Kansas: Everyday Citizens Transforming Their State.